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earthquakeproof container house

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  • 2023-03-06

    Container Houses Can Be Great Shelters

    The recent earthquake in Turkey has caused many Turkish people to be homeless, so now Turkey needs to build shelters. Container houses have become the first choice for building shelters. Why can a container house be a great shelter? Let me tell you why. Stable structure: The structure of the contain

  • 2020-11-23

    Why eco-friendly container house more and more popular?

    With the development of the economy and the promotion of environmental protection, the prefabricated house is known as the "green building" in the 21st century.The index of light steel structure houses in terms of construction waste, materials used, building construction noise, etc. is smaller than

  • 2018-05-05

    Japan Container Project

    Project Iocation:Japan Project time:2018 Category:Container Product type:Container Time consuming:7days

  • 2020-05-24

    Is building a storage container house a good idea?

    If you’re looking for a brand-new home, and a lifestyle that offers you all of the amenities you want while reducing your impact on the environment, living in a shipping container home may be perfect for you. It is economical, durable, environment-friendly, and modular. Most importantly, you can do the majority of the construction work yourself without any contractor’s help.

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