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Why eco-friendly container house more and more popular?

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With the development of the economy and the promotion of environmental protection, the prefabricated house is known as the "green building" in the 21st century.
The index of light steel structure houses in terms of construction waste, materials used, building construction noise, etc. is smaller than that of traditional concrete structures, and it has strong practicability, easy to remove, also has the characteristics of recycling. It is a eco-friendly building, a building with the shortest construction period, and a green industry with harmonious and sustainable development between man and nature.
There are many advantages of the mobile house, such as high practicability, good cost performance, and strong flexibility. These advantages are all we need. Moreover, the mobile house does not require any reinforced cement, bricks and tiles. The main material is the color steel sandwich panel. A house made up of studs, bolts, and self-tapping nails.
Container houses have been widely used in outdoor buildings in my country, including municipal projects such as parks, staff dormitories, industrial plants, temporary project departments, villas, shopping malls, etc.
It is particularly worth mentioning that with the accelerated pace of urbanization, the market demand for prefabricated houses as a temporary building is quite large at this stage. It is also a temporary building. The advantages of the prefabricated house are more obvious. It is more comfortable than the simple prefabricated house, and after installation, the dismantled materials can be used elsewhere.
The mobile house has realized the general standardization of temporary buildings, established the construction concept of environmental protection, energy saving, fast and high-efficiency, and made the temporary house enter a series of development, integrated production, and supporting supply. It is a new concept of environmentally friendly economical mobile home.
Container house has been listed as a green building and is being promoted nationwide. At present, the environmental protection of mobile house is becoming more and more popular with everyone, and it is also recognized by more and more consumers. At present, the added value of the product of prefabricated house is also increasing. It can be seen that the prospect of prefabricated house in our country's residential market will be unlimited.

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