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  • Japan Container Project

    Project Iocation:Japan
    Project time:2018
    Product type:Container
    Time consuming:7days Read More

  • Columbia Residential House Project

    Project Iocation:Columbia
    Project time:2017
    Category:Residential House
    Product type:Prefab T House
    Time consuming:7days Read More

  • Uruguay Residential House Project

    Project Iocation:Uruguay
    Project time:2018
    Category:Residential House
    Product type:Prefab K House
    Time consuming:20 days Read More

  • Precautions for Preserving and Moving Light Weight Wall Panels

    EPS cement sandwich panel is a kind of new light weight wallboard. As a new energy saving and environmental protection product, more and more people are using now. There are many factors that will affect the EPS cement sandwich panels. Scientific methods for storage and maintenance should not be ign Read More

  • Control of wall panel construction quality

    Nowadays, the use of lightweight wall board has been very high frequency, such as office, factory, teaching building partition will generally use EPS cement sandwich panel to do, because this kind of board is not only cost-effective, but also faster construction, sound insulation effect is better, a Read More

  • Improving the installation quality of EPS cement sandwich panel

    1. Technical exchanges for construction personnel: The EPS cement sandwich panel is different from the traditional wall materials, some traditional construction personnel have not updated or mastered enough installation experience, Vanhe has the obligation to the relevant project technical personnel Read More

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