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Maintenance And Precautions For Container Houses

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Maintenance And Precautions For Container Houses

In order to fully utilize and utilize the advantages of container houses and extend their service life, they should also pay attention to their maintenance and maintenance during use:

Do not arbitrarily or attempt to disassemble any of the screws and components after the steel structure movable panel is installed.

The indoor floor of the container house needs to be 50mm higher than the outdoor, and the drainage ditch should be repaired in the outdoor.

Non-professionals must not change any structure of the board room.

The load value per square meter of the floor shall not exceed the static load and load value specified in the contract.

Please do not use an open flame stove indoors.

Do not jump or run on the container house.

Please gently push the door when using the door and window.

For steel components that are easily corroded, regular maintenance work such as rust removal, painting, and refurbishing should be carried out to extend the life of the movable panel and maintain aesthetics.

It is not recommended that the user set up the kitchen in the activity room outdoors. If it is necessary to be installed in the mobile home, please install the range hood equipment, and the fire source should be no less than 50cm away from the wall.

It is not recommended for users to install toilets in container houses. If they must be installed in mobile homes, please take anti-corrosion and waterproof measures.

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