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Long Life EPS Cement Sandwich Panel House Suitable for All Weather Zones

The main wall building material is from EPS cement sandwich wall panel.

Lightweight EPS cement wall panels are manufactured from EPS(expanded polystyrene and gases), 42.5# cement, sand and additives.

The products ranges in 10 panels varying in size, structural integrity and thickness.

The variations allow for flexibility in use of the panel depending on the specific location in the building where the product is required.

The panels are skinned with a fire proof calcium silicate skin.


1. Seismic resistance: grade 8

2. Wind load: grade 13

3. Fast & easy construction

4. Long life span: 60-70 years

5. Advanced heat insulation & preservation mode

6. Eco-friendly, Energy-saving

7. Excellent sound-proof, water-proof, fire-proof

8. Suit for all kinds of climatic zone

9. Custom-made service is provided.




Interior decoration








1. Steel Structure: steel structure special designing and processing (to suit with EPS sandwich cement panels)

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2. EPS cement sandwich panel (for wall, roof, and floor)

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3. All construction & decoration materials & furniture are strictly selected. 

Roofing material

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Doors and windows                                                                                        Floor and wall tiles

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Bathroom Item

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4. Designing & Installation drawings (in details)

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5. Full support in installation technology & guidance

6. Custom-made service is available.


1. Send us your house CAD drawings. (Then we will make a detail calculation)

2. If you don't have any drawings, just kindly advise us your requirement. Then we can make the design and drawing for you.

3. Kindly advise us your expected house decoration level, Simple, Medium, or Exquisite.

4. Arrange your local workers to install it.


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