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Container House Widely Used In

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Container House Widely Used In

As more and more people know about container houses, the use of container rooms has gradually become widespread.

container house

Container houses are used in the following points:

1.Container house use in construction site accommodation or office.Such as container dormitories, container offices and site concierge, as well as container toilets, container kitchens, etc., such functions are relatively simple.

2. Container house also use in municipal engineering units with housing. Such as unit offices, school concierge, large warehouses, etc., the use of a longer period of service, generally more than one year.

3.Container house also can use in a large public places such as exhibitions, container toilets, container shops, art areas and so on. 

4.Other special places such as tourist areas accommodation, army camping, art display, mobile housing exhibition, etc.

container house

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