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Subverting Traditional House Building - Modular House

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Subverting Traditional House Building - Modular House

Modular house has begun to gradually enter the view of people, but the concept of modular house most people are still not very clear. The so-called Modular house is the part of the house, divided into different functional modules, with standardized, modular, universal production to achieve factory manufacturing. House can be assembled on site anytime, anywhere, And the whole process can take only a few hours to complete. Modular house integrated buildings completely subvert the traditional house construction and non-recyclable mode, can be simple, retro, habitable, entertaining, can be used for special purposes. Easy to transport installation, demolition, reuse. The invention and progress of science and technology provide technical support for the integrated construction of modules, creating a variety of buildings that are free and changeable, scientific and intelligent, and dance in harmony with nature, blending modern and traditional crafts.

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