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Steel Structure Warehouse Component

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Steel Structure Warehouse Component

The main steel frame of the steel structure warehouse is including steel column, beam, crane girder; secondary steel frame structure: C Purlin, pull bar, pole, corner support, horizontal support, column supporting, foot bolts (including the above types of nuts, gaskets). These are the main components of the steel structure warehouse, of course, can also be based on the actual needs of different component selection. These are only used as a reference for the selection of steel components according to the size and needs of the warehouse. There are also some auxiliary materials are the main components of the connection structure,steel structure warehouse welding rod, welding wire, flux is the main material welded, is the main material of the welding part, paint, thinners is anti-corrosion composition of the material, high-strength bolts, bolts and other materials are non-welded parts. Building steel structure warehouse, component quality is a direct decision on the installation quality of the structure.

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