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Several Practical Properties of Steel Structure Warehouse Shock Resistance

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Several Practical Properties of Steel Structure Warehouse Shock Resistance

Shock resistancea

Most of the low-rise villas are sloping roofs. Therefore, the roof structure basically adopts a triangular roof truss system made of cold-formed steel members. The light steel members form a very strong after sealing the structural plates and gypsum boards." The ribbed structural system, the steel structure warehouse of this structural system has stronger earthquake resistance and resistance to horizontal loads, and is suitable for areas with seismic intensity of 8 degrees or more.

Wind resistance

The steel structure warehouse is light in weight, high in strength, good in overall rigidity and strong in deformation ability. The building's own weight is only one-fifth of the brick-concrete structure, which can withstand hurricanes of 70 meters per second, so that life and property can be effectively protected.


The steel structure warehouse structure is composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel component system. The steel bone is made of super anti-corrosion high-strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet, which effectively avoids the influence of corrosion of the steel plate during construction and use, and increases the service life of the light steel component. The structural life can reach 100 years.


The thermal insulation material used in the steel structure warehouse is mainly made of glass wool, which has good thermal insulation effect. The insulation board of the outer wall effectively avoids the "cold bridge" phenomenon of the wall and achieves better insulation effect. The thermal resistance of R15 insulation cotton with a thickness of about 100mm can be equivalent to a brick wall of 1m thick.

Sound insulation

The sound insulation effect of the steel structure warehouse is an important indicator for evaluating the house. The windows installed in the light steel system are all insulated glass, with good sound insulation and sound insulation of more than 40 decibels. The wall made of light steel keel and thermal insulation gypsum board is soundproofed. The effect can be as high as 60 decibels.

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