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Prefabricated Modular House - Vanhe Specializes in Manufacturing

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Prefabricated Modular House - Vanhe Specializes in Manufacturing

With the development of modern industrial technology, construction houses can be manufactured in batches like machine production. As long as the prefabricated house components are transported to the construction site, they become assembled. What is the prefabricated building? The prefabricated building began to attract people's interest in the early 20th century and was finally realized in the 1960s. Britain, France, the Soviet Union and other countries first tried. Due to the fast construction speed of the prefabricated buildings and the low production costs, they are quickly spread around the world. The shape of the early assembled buildings was rather rigid and uniform. Later, people made improvements in design, adding flexibility and diversity, so that the assembly building can not only be built in batches, but also rich in style.

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"Assembly house" is a popular name for a prefabricated house.It is an industrialized production method to build a house. Some or all of the components of the house are prefabricated in the factory and then transported to the construction site. A house built by assembling a reliable connection is called an industrialized or industrialized house in Europe, America, and Japan. The difference in "assembly room" is that some parts are prefabricated, and the construction site has to be poured like a traditional building. It is not an imaginary "building block". Therefore, after the completion of the house, there is no difference in appearance.

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Features of prefabricated houses:

1. According to the current production measurement without scale, the "prefabricated houses" is about 30% faster than the traditional construction method.

2, "prefabricated house" safety is completely no problem, because prefabricated stairs, external walls, etc. are transported to the construction site, but also need to reinforced concrete, not simply connected. Each floor has a steel bar running through it, and the structure of the house is very strong.

3. Compared with traditionally constructed houses, the "prefabricated houses" have higher component precision, can maximize the quality defects such as wall cracking and leakage, and improve the overall safety level, fire resistance and durability of the house. It uses a lightweight partition system that allows the owner to change the fitting as needed.

4. In the process of using the house, the "prefabricated house" is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. For example, the new insulation layer has better insulation effect. If household metering is implemented, heating at the same temperature, "assembling" room room temperature is higher, the owner can consider reducing the heating temperature, saving heating costs, and at the same time reducing energy use.

5. "Prefabricated houses" are beneficial to energy conservation and environmental protection. Through factory production and on-site assembly and construction, construction waste and construction sewage can be greatly reduced, construction noise can be reduced, harmful gas and dust emissions can be reduced, and on-site construction and management personnel can be reduced. Generally, it can save 20% of materials and save about 60% of water.

6. The industrialization of "prefabricated houses" is not only beneficial to the capital flow of development enterprises, but also can increase the speed of residential listings, so it can greatly slow down the current situation of insufficient supply in the market and adjust the supply relationship. After large-scale promotion, construction costs can be reduced, and it will also play a role in curbing housing prices.

7. Comprehensive cost accounting shows that the construction cost of the “assembly” room is higher than the cost of the traditional construction method, which is about 400 yuan per square meter. After the large-scale promotion, the construction cost can be reduced.

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