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Improving the installation quality of EPS cement sandwich panel

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Improving the installation quality of EPS cement sandwich panel

1. Technical exchanges for construction personnel: The EPS cement sandwich panel is different from the traditional wall materials, some traditional construction personnel have not updated or mastered enough installation experience, Vanhe has the obligation to the relevant project technical personnel for professional disclosure and technical training. Only in this way can the advantages of the EPS cement sandwich panel be brought into full play, and the overall installation effect of the EPS cement sandwich panel project can be improved.


2. Pay attention to the working conditions: 1. The ground should be cleaned up, no floating ash on the surface, the wall should be ejected + 50 lines and vertical control lines. The roof waterproof layer and main structure can be installed inside the partition wall after acceptance. 2, the floor should play well on the door, window hole line and sideline. 3, the operating site temperature is not less than 5 C. 4, before the formal installation, we should install the sample wall together and install it after the acceptance.


3. Strictly carry out construction according to the construction plan. According to the installation requirements, mark the installation position of the product with measuring tools, and place the upper and lower fixtures in that position. Push the product into the groove of the upper and lower fixtures and press it tightly. When the wallboard is erected, press it tightly in place, and then press it tightly at the top of the wallboard. After the above installation, use sealant to smooth the gap between the product and the product, and bond with glass fiber mesh cloth.

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