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Four Advantages of Prefabricated Houses

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Four Advantages of Prefabricated Houses

High folding safety performance

The prefabricated house is a new type of light steel composite board with a reasonable combination of material and steel structure. It can play a very good security role, the specific data is strong earthquake of level 7 or above and 12-level typhoon resistance, which is very difficult for ordinary housing. Therefore, prefabricated houses are widely used in earthquake-stricken areas such as Wenchuan and Japan.

Low discount

The cost of prefabricated houses is relatively low. Due to some of the characteristics of actual activities, the cost is very low compared to some brick houses, and the recovery can be relatively strong during the service life. According to statistics, generally movable rooms can be reused in six round trips. We can also understand the data, the overall cost of housing activities is relatively high.

Short folding cycle and fast speed

In addition, the construction of prefabricated houses is very fast. In general, the installation team can install more than 500 square meters per week, which is hard to imagine in the traditional construction field, such buildings will not produce construction waste. There is no doubt that this will also play a good role in protecting the environment and meeting current needs.

Prefabricated houses, under the conditions of deductions, also allow people to choose appropriate housing activities will increase their recognition, which is also a reason for the increasing potential of market-based housing.

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