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EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel Advantages - Sound Insulation

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EPS Cement Sandwich Wall Panel Advantages - Sound Insulation

With the progress and development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, many people choose to go out to travel during their leisure time. There are many people who need to go to other cities forwent on a business trip from time to time as the nature of the work is diversified. Most of the accommodation choices for everyone were hotels. In order to have a good rest and private space, the hotel's sound insulation features are particularly important.

EPS cement sandwich wall panel

But now the first complaint of hotel complaints is dissatisfaction with "sound insulation". At present, the sound insulation standards of high-end hotels are higher than the "Code for Measurement of Sound Insulation of Buildings" (GBJ75-84) and "Code for Design of Sound insulation for Civil Buildings" (GBJ118-88) ). Wanhe launched the hotel's soundproof and lightweight partition board solution, industrialized production, reduced labor costs, cost savings and other advantages, to create an integrated service, to relieve customers of worries. EPS cement sandwich panel has various effects such as light weight, heat insulation and sound insulation, and is widely used in building partition wall insulation. Therefore, in recent years Used in many large buildings. Lightweight and energy-saving sheet can be widely used in various types of high-rise and multi-storey building non-load-bearing walls. It can also be used as sound insulation and fire partition wall. Due to its compact structure and introduction and application of production technology, it is a new breakthrough of a new wall material reform in China.

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In response to the functional needs of the hotel building, Wanhe soundproof and lightweight partition board combines acoustic characteristics, continuously optimizes the structure, and adopts a scientific combination of multiple or light and heavy density materials to ensure the system is powerful and comprehensive in energy efficiency. The wall is light, thin and fast. The outstanding features are outstanding, and the sound insulation function is maximized by solving the problem of long-short wave absorption and sound insulation to achieve sound insulation and hail reduction.

eps cement sandwich panel,prefabricated house,modular house,steel structure warehouse,container house

Lightweight and energy-saving sheet products will be introduced to the market, which will drive the construction industry to move from backward wet construction to advanced dry construction, and realize industrialization of residential parts production, modernization of technical equipment, intensive scale production, and legalization of application and promotion. Integration of construction equipment. At the same time, it can also reduce the occupied area of the wall, improve the practical area of the house, reduce the structural load, improve the seismic capacity and safety performance of the building, and reduce the overall cost.

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