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EPS Cement Sandwich Panel Sandwich Material - EPS

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EPS Cement Sandwich Panel Sandwich Material - EPS

In the modern society of environmental protection and economy, light wall panels are popular. With its light and easy to decorate features, a variety of wall panels with various functions are applied to life. Among them, the lightweight partition board is a very wide new energy-saving board.This is a good choice for building prefabricated houses.

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Wanhe EPS cement sandwich panel lightweight energy-saving composite wallboard is a kind of non-load-bearing lightweight composite board formed by thin fiber cement or calcium silicate board as the panel and middle filled with light core material. The product has solid, light weight, thin body, high strength, impact resistance, strong hanging force, heat insulation, sound insulation, fireproof, waterproof, easy to cut, can be arbitrarily slotted, no need for batch file, dry work, long service life, Economic, environmental protection, recyclable and other wall materials have no comprehensive advantages. This product marks the construction industry from the backward wet construction to the advanced dry construction, to achieve industrialization of residential parts production, scale production intensive.

The insulation sandwich material used in Wanhe's EPS cement sandwich wall panel is EPS, ready-to-use polystyrene foam particles. EPS is widely used in energy-saving construction of lightweight partition board, lightweight firewall board, sandwich insulation wall insulation text. According to scientific data, EPS materials are excellent insulation materials, which can fully play the role of building energy saving and heat preservation.

eps cement sandwich panel,prefabricated house,modular house,steel structure warehouse,container house

Eps cement sandwich panel has a small apparent density, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, low water absorption, strong resistance to deformation and excellent impact resistance; several scales are highly accurate. The layout is uniform, the price is low, and the mall is well tolerated. The operating temperature of the EPS board is 15-70 °C. The function of EPS insulation material, GB/T10801.1-2000 clearly stipulates: When the apparent density of EPS board is not less than 15--20kg/m3, the thermal conductivity is not more than 0.041 W / mK. According to relevant data analysis, this The data was measured under normal temperature conditions. The thermal conductivity of EPS is determined by the material density and the ambient temperature during the metric. Then by lowering the ambient temperature, the thermal conductivity of the EPS will also decrease. EPS has different thermal conductivity, but the difference is that there is not much news. According to the analysis of foreign scientific and technical materials, when the apparent density of 20kg EPS board/cubic meter is 0.033-0.036, The W/mK was measured at a thermal conductivity of 10 °C. Therefore, it is no problem that the EPS of the lightweight wallboard reaches a temperature of 0.035 w/mk below 10 °C.

eps cement sandwich panel,prefabricated house,modular house,steel structure warehouse,container house

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