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EPS Cement Sandwich Panel-Fit Your Health Requirements

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EPS Cement Sandwich Panel-Fit Your Health Requirements

Everyone has a description of the ideal house in his mind, some people pay attention to the looking of house, some people pay attention to the quality of house, some people pay attention to whether to live comfortably. But no matter what kind of expectations you have for your family, it's the most important thing whether a house is safe and non-toxic. A reassuring and safe home can make us feel more comfortable.

All materials of Vanhe Esp cement prefabricated house from the use of raw materials is certified by the state green environmental protection materials, with incomparable advantages of traditional decoration materials, so integrated wall green environmental performance by the majority of health-loving people favor.

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In addition, Vanhe EPS cement sandwich panel adopts the clamp splicing installation method, which greatly shortens the construction period, less installation and stacking process, and does not use toxic materials such as paint and glue in the decoration process. The EPS cement sandwich panel is safe and environmentally friendly from production to acceptance. After decoration, it can be stayed without waiting.

In addition, Dongguan Wanhe Modular House Co., Ltd.'s modular houses, steel structure warehouses, and container houses are also of high quality. We insist on safety as the focus and build a warm and safe home.

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