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Development Status of Prefabricated House Buildings in China

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Development Status of Prefabricated House Buildings in China

In 2017, the added value of China's construction industry was 5568.9 billion yuan, accounting for 6.73% of China's GDP of 8271.22 billion yuan. At present, the construction industry has become one of the pillar industries of the national economy. But we should also be soberly aware that China's construction industry is still a labor-intensive traditional industry with cast-in-situ construction as the main mode. The construction products provided by the traditional construction methods can no longer meet the people's good demand for high-quality construction products, and the traditional extensive development mode is no longer suitable for China's entry into a high level. The requirements of the quality development stage. To this end, China needs to develop assembly structures vigorously.Vanhe Modular House Co.,Ltd is a company with prefabricated house as their main products. Our company's products such Fiber cement sandwich panels,EPS cement prefab house get national certification and policy support.

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Assembly building refers to the structure system, envelope system, equipment and pipeline system, the main part of the built-in system using prefabricated parts integrated building.Vanhe Modular House have more than ten years of prefabricated house experience.Our main product EPS cement house compared with the traditional construction methods, the assembly building mainly has the advantages of high production efficiency, high building quality, saving resources, reducing energy consumption, clean production, low noise pollution and so on.

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