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Control of wall panel construction quality

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Control of wall panel construction quality

Nowadays, the use of lightweight wall board has been very high frequency, such as office, factory, teaching building partition will generally use EPS cement sandwich panel to do, because this kind of board is not only cost-effective, but also faster construction, sound insulation effect is better, although so, but we will find in the future, EPS cement sandwich panel will crack. What is the phenomenon of seams or shedding? Is there a problem with light partition boards? In fact, this is caused by the lack of skills in the construction of light partition panels.

EPS Cement Sandwich Panel House

EPS cement sandwich panel hardness is low, two boards need nails fixed, part of the board corner damage, resulting in the end of the board and the structure of the wall board cracking; secondly, the connection of the wall board is not uniformly coated with cement mortar, so that the force is not uniform.

EPS cement sandwich panel

No one made of polyester nonwovens for the entire EPS cement sandwich panel. In addition, the special-shaped panel at the entrance of doors and windows is cut by standard EPS cement sandwich panel, and the adhesive is not dense at the end of doors and vertical board support, and the EPS cement sandwich panel is not strengthened by full-adhesive polyester non-woven fabric.

Hope that we in the purchase or installation of EPS cement sandwich panel when instructing the construction personnel, let it be carefully installed, so as to avoid the above situation.

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