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Basic Configuration Of Container House

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Basic Configuration Of Container House

The resident container house introduces the advanced modern home design concept, and adopts an integrated movable room made of steel plate, sandwich panel, aluminum window, protective frame, air conditioner frame, exhaust fan, bolt, concrete, ceramic tile and other materials through standard process. The main users are workers at the construction site and factories. They are generally used as collective dormitory. They can accommodate 5 to 6 bunk beds and can accommodate 10 to 12 people, saving space and money. There are two fluorescent tubes installed in the dormitory to meet the needs of lighting, and sockets are installed in the middle of each iron bed to meet the needs of daily use of electricity.

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Generally speaking, there are windows, beds, sockets and lights in the workers' container house dormitory. However, in the process of development, in the face of various demands of consumers, custom-made living containers house have gradually emerged. The requirements have also changed. Air conditioning is one of them.

The merchant will have a special air-conditioner outlet at the end of the room to ensure that consumers can install and use the air conditioner. Moreover, the cross-sectional area of the wire used for the special socket for air conditioning is 4mm2, which fully meets the needs of air conditioning.

There is also an exhaust fan in the room of container house to ensure air circulation in the dormitory. All kinds of basic living facilities are installed before leaving the factory, and the external power supply can be used. Note that the power of the external power supply must meet the needs of the room's electrical power.

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