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Why are chicken coops necessary?

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Why are Chicken Coops necessary?

Chicken Coops (Poultry farming) is quite profitable in the sense that it gives good returns for the amount invested, the time and energy spent on it and the labor employed 

Several Benefits Offered By Chicken Coops(Poultry Farming):

  • It requires less investment compared to rearing other livestock. It requires only around Rs. 10,000/- on fixed capital and rearing of about 100 chickens. This means that small and marginal farmers and even agricultural laborers can start farming on a small scale. While chicken will start laying eggs in 8 to 10 weeks, broilers can be sold after 6 weeks by which time they would have grown to 1.25 kg weight.

  • It gives rapid return on investment. Chicken start laying eggs in 8 to 10 weeks and broilers can be sold for meat between 6 and 10 weeks.  The interval between generations is very small and hence, production can be phenomenally increased within a short period.

  • Broilers intake of feed is comparatively very low while it produces maximum possible amount of food for us. Poultry is capable of utilizing as its feed large quantities of byproducts like bran, substandard grains, vegetables etc. which normally go as waste, thus saving for the farmer a portion of his expenses towards poultry feed.

  •  Poultry farming is a continuous source of income. It is not seasonal and can produce income for the entire year. While chickens lay eggs between 6 to 8 months, broilers take only 6 to 10 weeks to bring in income. Meat, eggs, feathers and manure of chicken and broilers are all saleable and income generating. Poultry farming in a small scale requires only minimum space and they can be reared even in the backyards of homes.

  • Poultry farming requires very little water for both drinking and cleaning. One litre of water is sufficient for 5 birds for a day.

  • Poultry droppings are rich in nitrogen and organic material and hence, are considered valuable as fertilizers.

  • Poultry feathers are also used for making pillows, fancy articles and curios.

  • Poultry offers good full time or part-time employment opportunity to farmers.

  • Poultry products like egg and meat have high nutritional value. Among all edible meat, broiler meat has the least fat content. It can also be cooked in its own fat and does not require any from outside. Poultry meat contains more protein and essential amino acids than other meats and are low in its cholesterol content c in comparison.

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