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Let you know more about sandwich panel house

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A sandwich panel is any structure made of just three layers; a low-density core, and a thin skin-layer bonded to each side. The strength and lightness of this technology makes it a very popular solution.

  • The most efficient solution for quick and temporary housing, the cement panel house has become a solution for low cost housing globally.

  • The sandwich panel house is designed as a light weight construction consisting of floor system, wall system and roof system.

  • Sandwich panel house is a spin off from the modular home being made also from light gauge steel. The steel structure and PPGI (meaning pre-painted zinc coated steel) sandwich panel are used to combine standard modules.

  • This is a new type of home is environmentally sound, energy efficient and quick and easy to install.

  • The sandwich panel house is widely used for temporary and or semi-permanent office sites, labor camps, canteen or warehouse, schools, storage supplies and affordable housing.


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