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Is it worth to buy a container homes?

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Is it worth to buy a container homes?

Is it worth to buy a container homes?

Nowadays, with the increase in housing prices, more and more people want to buy mobile container home for living/working...,and Is it worth to buy a container homes?

Container Home Advantage:

  • Affordability – Container homes are way cheaper than your standard house, making home ownership a possibility to more people.

  • Durability –  Anti-earthquake 8 grades, wind resistant 12 grades.

  • Sustainability – You won’t be using up new resources when you purchase a container home, you’ll be purchasing a home made from recycled material.

  • Room to Grow – You can stack shipping container homes on top of each other to create a larger living space.

  • Speedy – Container homes can be put together very quickly, making them a great shelter solution in emergency situations (for example, when towns have been wiped out by floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes).

  • Easy Relocation – If you decide to pack up and move across country, you can bring your home with you. 

Container Home Disadvantage:

Still need a building permit and build codes (same as usual residential)

Finding suppliers with experience :), but don't worry. We can help you to solve this problem.


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