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Gosh! Containers can bring such happiness

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A container classroom for residents in disaster areas full of children's hope

After so many days after the Ya'an earthquake in Sichuan, the children in the disaster area can finally go to school normally. The classrooms are built by residential containers. Every day is long for people in disaster areas. And now the children can go to class normally. Parents are also very pleased.

It is a very good thing that residential containers become temporary classrooms for children in disaster areas. Let people see hope. A ruthless disaster ravaged people's homes, and also caused children to lose their kindest school every day except home. This caused their little hearts to be hit hard. Some of them wondered whether the collapse of the school meant that they would not be able to go to school in the future, but could only spend the day in the tent every day. The resident container came to the disaster area to help out, and the resident container was built into a temporary school for the children in the disaster area. A number of desks were placed in the resident container, and blackboards and other teaching tools were used. The children can sit in it and listen to the teacher seriously. The arrival of residential containers also gave them confidence in the future and a beautiful vision for the future. The residential container has many advantages, such as waterproof and windproof. It is made of sturdy material to make the product sturdy and durable, so its service life is as long as 20 years. What they want most for the disaster area is to get an earthquake-proof product, and the residential container also has the characteristics of earthquake-proof, so that people can live at ease, so that children can have peace of mind in class without worrying about the sudden aftershocks, because the residential container is Their best umbrella gives them hope for the future.


Resident containers are container houses. The light steel structure system is adopted as a whole, and the walls are covered with composite EPS insulation wall panels. All wall panels and accessories can be folded and packed, and installation is simple. The residential container housing, ground, and circuit systems are completely factory prefabricated, making on-site installation convenient and fast, and shortening the time interval from building a house to use. This is better in line with the characteristics of the environment or region in the disaster area. Therefore, in order to better meet the timely use in the disaster area, the residential container manufacturers continue to process and produce.

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