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Fire Protection for Steel Structure Buildings

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Fire Protection for Steel Structure Buildings

Most of produts in Dongguan Vanhe Modular House Co.,Ltd are made of steel and wall panels. Steel structure is the most important structure of our company's products,We are always ready to provide our customers with professional steel structure warehouse products.For example,the EPS cement house is made of steel and EPS cement sandwich panel.Steel is a kind of building material that will not burn. It has the characteristics of earthquake resistance, bending resistance and so on. In practice, steel can not only relatively increase the load capacity of buildings, but also meet the needs of architectural design aesthetic modeling, but also avoid the concrete and other building materials can not bend, tensile defects, therefore, steel has been favored by the construction industry, Single-storey, multi-storey, high-rise, factory buildings, warehouses, waiting rooms, residence, etc. steel are common.

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However, as a building material, steel has some unavoidable defects in fire protection. Its mechanical properties, such as yield point, tensile strength and elastic modulus, will decrease sharply with the increase of temperature. Steel structures usually lose their load-bearing capacity at temperatures ranging from 450 to 650 degrees Celsius and undergo great deformation, resulting in the bending of steel columns and beams. As a result, they can not continue to be used due to excessive deformation. The fire-resistant limit of generally unprotected steel structures is about 15 minutes. EPS cement sandwich panel with fire resistant and heat insulation is the best wallboard suit with steel structure. EPS cement sandwich walloard also called Fiber foam sandwich panel,it has a fire resistant insulating calcium carbonate board on its exterior skin.But no matter what way, attention must be paid to fire protection measures for steel structures.

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