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EPS cement sandwich panel: potential

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EPS cement sandwich panel: potential

China plans to focus on environmental protection and energy-saving projects above, light wallboard as the national weight of building materials, must have its certain advantages. Take the EPS cement sandwich panel for example, the first EPS cement sandwich panel must have its energy-saving and environmental protection role, followed by the EPS cement sandwich panel can also be fireproof waterproof and moisture-proof. In addition, it is relatively light and fast, and it also saves a lot of energy for our decoration works.

EPS Cement Sandwich Panel House

EPS cement sandwich panel also have excellent sound insulation, which is most needed for us in the city. Promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and developing green construction have not only become the top priority of China, but also become an important part of accelerating the transformation of economic development methods in our city.

EPS cement sandwich panel

According to the relevant information, in the next few years, China's new wall materials will need to exceed 23 billion square meters / year, insulation data output will reach 120 billion yuan / year. And the state in energy conservation and environmental protection work vigorously adhere to the implementation of efforts to 2018, energy-saving composite wallboard share reached 80%. It can be seen that the EPS cement sandwich panel will be a trend of development in the next few years.

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