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Best Container Van House Images in 2020

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Best Container Van House Images In 2020


1.The first one is our hot-selling product this year, which is more used as office, residence, villa, creative hotel, luxury rest area, etc.

新建项目 (9)

2.The second one is our another hot-selling product , You can add as many factors as you like, we can design it for you for free.


3.The third paragraph is our newly developed product shape, suitable for creative industrial parks, which can be used as restaurants, offices, hotels, etc.


4.The fourth paragraph is a high-end glass container, which can be stacked 3-4 layers, arbitrarily created.

新建项目 (6)

On the base of the advantage of rich resource, VANHE has become the regular supplier of raw materialof many Global Enterprises, such as Sanyo Japan, Iris Japan, SK Steel Korea, Bluescope, Sicom, etc. Meanwhile it is the supplier or raw material of many large projects in China. The quality and service is highly approved by the clients.

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